Flag Styles

Because of the wide variety of processes and materials requiring automatic flagging, we offer a variety of pressure sensitive flag styles. Various colors, adhesive styles and constructions are available for use with the our WebFlaggers.

The flag’s adhesive is deadened on the portion which hangs off the edge of the web and protrudes out of the wound roll. This prevents the flags from sticking to idler rolls or any other object. To ensure the flags are tough enough to survive in a manufacturing environment, they are also over laminated with film after printing.

Some flags utilize a very aggressive permanent adhesive while others use a removable style. One flag has a metallic lamination for automatic sensing on a downstream process; another is printed with an individual number and corresponding bar code. These numbered flags are for use with the ScrapTracker system or a third party inspection system for unique identification of each defect location.

If your process requires a custom configuration, please contact us at sales@novation-inc.com with your requirement.

All rolls contain 1,000 flags and work with all Novation WebFlagger models. The chart below lists our standard flag styles which are typically available for immediate delivery.


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