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Products & Services Overview

Novation has developed a suite of products designed for you to install and configure yourself:

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Direct Losses

Rolls per shift (average)

Defects flagged per roll

Shifts per day

Shifts per weekend

Rolls per week

Flagged defects per week

Feet lost per defect by inaccurate flagging

Cost per foot (average)

Cost per week

Cost per year

Indirect Losses

Extra minutes spent per defect at rewinder/slitter due to inaccurate flagging

Rewinding/slitting cost per hour in dollars

Cost per week

Cost per year

Miscellaneous Losses

Yearly dollars lost due to returns/rework from unflagged defects getting to customers

Yearly dollars lost due to lost time accidents due to manual flagging

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Our engineering and IT services can assist in combining the ScrapTracker data with in-plant inventory control systems. This allows you to identify the saleable vs. defective amounts of your product in inventory. We can also assist in creating customized defect and efficiency reports to assist with process improvement efforts.